Modern Family House With A lot Skylights

The following is a renovation project of Neil Dusheiko called Islington House. This residence located in London, England and the renovation was completed in 2013. This renovation consisted of interior refurbishment and extention to a Victorian House for a family of five. The interior of the existing ground floor has been removed entirely and replaced with a living room , kitchen and dining room through a change in section. Kitchen forming the fulcrum and heart of house with a view to the living room on the upper level and into the dining room on the lower level, which also connects to the garden . The use of skylights that bring a lot of sunlight deep into the heart of the home . White box in extra floats on a single column and the existing exposed staircase lining forming a faceted geometrical connection , allowing the outside and the inside to blend seamlessly with an angled skylight above the kitchen. Bespoke red cedar shutters relating to privacy while providing warmth to the flank facade .

Materials palette has been kept to a simple elements , such as walnut parquet flooring defines the area in the living room, while the vertical iroko board brings warmth to the kitchen and hide behind the wall is the storage units , pantry and guest bathroom. The kitchen is constructed of Atlantic Lava Stone, which is very durable. The floor of dining room is polished concrete, which retains the warmth of the underfloor heating system for a long time. An ensuite bathroom is narrow and high, have been fitted into the tight space between the higher landing and the existing master bedroom, which is fully illuminated by skylights. The walls arranged in such a way, that the views of the park surrounding the house can be enjoyed from inside the house as much as possible.

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